That “holy $@#&!” moment from people who see me after my weight loss transformation…

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Having lost over 200 pounds in less than a year gets some funny reactions from people. The majority of people who knew me, some even for years prior, literally do not recognize me. I work for a very large corporation and I often run into people with whom I had worked prior to my weight loss. I get a kick out of seeing if they can recognize who I am. Almost every single person does not at first, but upon realizing or revealing who I am I get some priceless reactions…

“Holy —-!” is by far the most common. And take into consideration that this is often exclaimed out loud in the hallways of where I work.

“Did you get the surgery?” – People cannot conceive that I did this without surgery in the amount of time I did.

This one is kind of funny and I have heard it in varying fashion- “Are you okay?” or “Were you sick?”… often followed by “You don’t look sick. You look fantastic!”

The best of all is merely the stunned look on people’s faces. I have literally had some people get speachless.

When I started this whole plan, I didn’t even consider how this was going to affect others. It is amazing to me sometimes how far I have come and how much I am inspiring others to take care of their own health.

Let’s hear your stories!

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