MiM #6: Thoughts on Alex Trebek and Doctors’ Transference

Alex Trebek, tv personality most famous for the hit game show Jeopardy!, recently announced that he is battling pancreatic cancer. He made a public statement about it and announced that he will beat this disease. His demeanor and attitude was amazing. This triggered a flurry of media activity and articles talking about the odds for survival with his type of cancer. This makes me wonder how helpful that is to him at this point. He needs our support, not our pity. 

Check out this episode!

One thought on “MiM #6: Thoughts on Alex Trebek and Doctors’ Transference

  • Thank you for sharing! Staying positive when faced with adversity can make a big difference. Sometimes,it’s hard to do. I know that prayer is very powerful. It is a direct link to ourawesome God! I struggle with negativity from time to time. Van is the eternal optimist, he always sees hope in people, despite their pasts. I love you..♥


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