Small Changes Lead to Big Results

Originally posted on Linkedin on Mar 31, 2015

I have to take a step back to reflect on some of the changes I have made in my life over the past 10 months. Since June 2014 I have lost around 178 pounds. I was 403 pounds when I started.Yes, you are reading that correct. And, I might add, I have accomplished this all without surgery, being ill, dieting or crazy exercise routines. I have done this by simply keeping track of what I eat and getting moderate exercise, primarily walking. The results have far exceeded what I had dreamed. I plan on sharing more about this as each day it seems that people want to know my “secret”. The answer is that I have no secret, it is just laser-like persistence and patience.

What I want to share here is that I have learned the power of making small changes to produce large results over time. We live in a society of immediate gratification. Everyone wants their quick fix, whether it is for material things like the latest cell phone, or large life-altering changes like I have made. Having fluctated in my weight over the past 20 plus years, trying every form of diet, extreme exercise routines, weight loss groups, pills… I have learned a few things about myself. In order to get healthier and lose all of this weight permanently, I had to change my habits gradually. For the purpose of this post I won’t get into what motivated me, but with the help of a tool to help me track my food intake and exercise I was able to make the change in small steps.

The part I underestimated was the other pieces of my life (and others’) that have been affected by this change. Obviously I have greatly improved my overall health having eliminated gastric reflux, I am no longer pre-diabetic, and on my way to improving a host of other co-morbidities (sleep apnea, edema, etc.). What has been just as amazing to me is the mental piece and how people are reacting to me. Needless to say I feel fantastic. This has been spilling over to other areas of my life- in my home I have been more motivated to do things I have been putting off for years, been more calm overall, and I have plans to do some exciting things this year like ride a roller coaster and perhaps take a martial arts class.

I knew that my wife, kids, mom and other family members would be relieved to see me get healthier. I have even inspired a few family members to start taking care of their own health. Even more amazing to me is how I have been inspiring other people, some of whom I barely know, to take charge of their health. My bus driver, who I hadn’t seen in over a year, was so astounded he went home and told his wife all about what I have done. My exercise mentor, who I have looked up to for years, told me that I am inspiring him! And, for the first time I can ever remember in my adult life, a person commented to me about how I was in “good shape…” Me? The man that once weighed over 400 pounds? Unbelievable!

I have so much more to share, and I do plan on writing more. I have never really been a blogger or writer, but I think this is the best medium to get the word out to those who have been asking me questions. Literally every single day someone comes up to me, telling me how fantastic I look now, but even more so wants to know my “secret”. The challenge is that the world we live in today expects the easy way to lose weight (pills, latest fad diet, Biggest Loser show…). Again, the secret for me was simple, make small changes to lead to big results. This can be applied to just about any large task you want to take on. And I plan on shaking up the world…

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