Weight Loss: Reality & Good News

Having lost over 200 pounds in 11 months, I have a pretty good idea around what the challenges are and what works well. I don’t think there is anything new here. Most of it is common sense.

Here are some of my observations:

The Challengeschallenges

  • It takes work
    Most people don’t like that 4-letter word, “work”. We live in a world which encourages quick-fixes and immediate gratification. You can lose weight quickly by doing fad diets and lots of exercise. But real, sustainable weight loss comes with having a plan for the future. The work I am referring to here is less about what you do at the dinner table or in they gym, but the work it takes in your mind.
  • There is no “magic” pill, special diet, surgical procedure, nor exercise to solve it
    Yes, my friends, I have tried many of them myself, with some temporary success. What I realized about myself was that I was not learning anything about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, if you ever want to get off that merry-go-round of gaining and losing, you have to look at what kind of life you want for yourself and what it takes to get there and stay there realistically.

The Good Newsgoodnews

  • You can learn techniques to manage obesity
    At one point I stated that I had “beaten” my obesity demon. What I have come to learn is that it never really went away. It still comes back and I have learned techniques to manage it. Most are pretty simple and take some time to master. And remember, this is a journey, not a destination.
  • Taking your time versus struggling for years works better
    I supposed I could be called out on this one…

    But, Mike, you lost over 200 pounds in 11 months!…

Yes, I did, and later I will expand on how that happened, why, and my observations around the pros/cons. Suffice it to say that this amount of weight lost, coupled with the time in which I lost it, may not be reasonable for most people.  One thing that happens is that your body and your mind need time to adjust to change. For the longest time after I lost the weight, I still felt like I was over 400 pounds, which led to other challenges as you can imagine.  I have read and spoken to others on this, and it is common, especially with a rapid loss.

  • Inside each of us is the power to do far more than we think we can
    So… Back when I was over 400 pounds if I had told you that I was going to lose over 200 pounds in 11 months, you might have told me I was crazy or warned me of the hazards. Well, I did do it and I know others who have as well, and even more weight. Again, I am not advocating this, but what kept me going, drove me to my goal, was the fact that it was possible. I know many people who tell me they “can’t” because of reasons a, b, or c… Well, I am telling you that if you want something bad enough, and getting there is possible (and, of course, safe), you can do it. And I can help coach people how to get to that mindset and learn to coach themselves.

In the coming months I plan to expand on each of the observations listed above, as well as other ones, to unveil the mystery of “how the heck did you (I) do it??” My techniques come from learning from years of struggling, personal observations, research, and common sense.

Use the contact form on my website at www.mikeinspiresme.com to reach to me. This will also allow you to receive notices, tips, and other tidbits around health and weight loss. I promise not to share your information, nor send you spam!

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