Learning To Take Care of Your Health – Like Riding A Bike

Often people ask me where to start with taking care of their health. There is no “one size fits all” plan.  Everyone’s journey is different.

It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike. You kind of have to get on and just start pedaling.

But before you ride your bike, you have to make sure it is mechanically sound. Same goes for you body. Check with a health professional to get the okay to start.


You might want to start out small. If you take on more than you can handle, you could get overwhelmed or discouraged.


And sometimes you will fall.


When you do, get right back up. Don’t give up!


You might even get hurt.


That’s okay. Don’t get discouraged. When you’re all better, get right back on!


After a while you’ll get the hang of it.


Eventually you will want to try something new.


And you might fail at that too.


Just get up and don’t look back!


The journey is not about being perfect. It’s about not giving up when you fail or feel discouraged.


Remember, taking care of your health should be fun, not a chore!


Stay Awesome!

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